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Originally Posted by the california kid View Post
When it comes to selling here on SkateLog in general, most of those type of post have found their way to many of the buy and sell site/groups on facebook. Like SECOND CHANCE { } The reason was to keep this site from being cluttered by all the for sale post. Yes I was guilty of just that, and the for sale section of SkateLog really is just a very small part of this site. With a greater focus on Skating, and the topics of such. SkateLog is a great forum, with decades of knowledge being shared with in it. It was never meant to be a site just to buy skate swag, facebook works extremely well for that content. But SkateLog works wonders towards the nuts and bolts of skating. its a virtual Encyclopedia of knowledge. Even though I spend most of my time on the facebook groups, I always try to visit here. And refer to such when I am looking for info. There is so much great stuff here. So if you want to buy or sell go to facebook. If you want more, this the place to find it. Facebook is good for those flash post/questions but you can find most topics already posted with in SkateLogs pages. Just by looking.
Thank you for a positive post about the forum that some of us still love! I have learned so much about skating and equipment from this forum from the many knowledgeable members, especially DocSk8, that I view Skatelog the same way, a virtual encyclopedia of skating and skating equipment!
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