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Default Wheel conditioning test was a success.

Ok FYI, old high end wheels that had set up for some. The urethane deteriorates, slippery performance on known floors. The whit Shamans after being reconditioned on the semi smooth cement did well. At first a small bit of slip and end of stroke(set up for little/no kickback). After about 30 minutes full grip as any other set of whites I have skated before. Now a good set of wheels!
The reds, came out about as could expected. I had skated two sets of these before, never did get them to grip ad good as the harder whites. Typical of this wheel. It doesn't work with this urethane coating or has another purpose. I have a set of green Shamans and they are awesome for gripping marginal floors, I expected the reds to do much better than they did. After testing 3 different sets of reds with same results, they might be a very good wheel for semi-smooth cement, outdoors. The compound is just not gripping as I expected.

I expected a difference in glide(duro) and grip better than the whites. The reds were looser/slippery in comparison with no other changes(flips so I didn't even take my skates off).

Whites and greens get it done, the reds are for another purpose.

Traffic at the rink was down this evening at Champions, got to run many fast laps with the inline guys.

Reconditioning old wheels works very well, these all had tread and didn't notice much wear after putting 30 minutes on each set, so this works well.
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