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Originally Posted by llamont View Post
Hello all,

I am curious to learn about the difference in plate disciplines (more specifically the difference b/t plates that are advertised to be better for rhythm and derby. I see a lot of PowerDyne Reactor Pro plates, PowerDyne Arius plates, Snyder plates, and Roll-Line plates at my rink and I’m curious if there’s really a big difference. I attend adult sessions so there’s a lot of rhythm/shuffle skating. Any applicable info is appreciated and I hope this is not too ambiguous of a request.

Its about how much money you can spend. Or if you are a tuner, you can have awesome handling skates that fit your preferences and application. Some skates turn quicker, faster response to input. Some respond slower. No company that makes/sells skates advertises the specs, so mostly the info is handed down/shared instead of being available to research, so you are mostly left with cash vs the hunt. Most people go through several pairs of expensive skates before either figuring out how to tune or luckily finding a stock skate that works.
A person needs to get a lot of skate time under their belt before trying to hunt their ultimate skate. The types of skating you are talking about require the skaters to be proficient if the are actually good at it. Even a good session skate has different requirements.
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