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I bought 2 sets of used Shamans a while back. Reds and whites. Apparently both sets had not been skated in a long time and had zero grip. Had tread on both sets. A coating or maybe the urethane exposed to air deteriorates and the wheels don't have grip. The whites had not been rotated and 2 of the wheels had more wear than the rest, those will go to the back axles for now. Anyway went to the local pavilions and skated on cement for about 30 minutes each, moved wheels front to back after 15 minutes. Tread now feels grippier to the touch. Wheels gripped cement really good. I had been skating a looser floor for about a year now. Going to skate a really grippy floor this weekend so had to get these ready. Love my Shamans.
Why does not rotating the wheels lead to uneven wear? Is it the mainly CCW direction we skate or is it to do with the natural wear from skating action?
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