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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
The only one here confused is you buddy. No smoke lol you really think I care much what you think? I'm at least helping the blind(you) see you are wrong. The only frustration is that you cant see you are. Which is more entertaining than anything.

Further down the page is a listing for a "hanger" which is not a truck. Its for plates that have a baseplate>hanger>truck. I'm sure you understand this, but want to argue for the sake of arguing for whatever reason.

Correct geometry of a skate plate will have the pivot pin seated center in the pivot cup, just touching, and the truck yoke sitting centered and perpendicular to the kingpin. By shimming the plate side cushions height up or down you get a change in the way the cushions interact with the truck yoke.

On da45 plates the change in pivot on location iin the cupis extremely small, and has no effect here. On lower kingpin angles it makes a much larger difference, and you almost cant run a different cushion height than what the plate is designed for. Like more than 1mm either way and it's not going to sit correctly , adjustable pin or not.

Maybe he will show pictures so you can catch up to reality. His plate has no "hangers" it's a baseplate, kingpins and trucks. Sorry for your misinformation bro.
Mort I have to hand it to you bud. You do telling how many times I have explained it and most never do get it.
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