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Kind of inevitable??? I always saw the Riedell boot lineup like Detroit cars back in the day. Chevy, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Cadillac. In the model lineups, there was a lot of crossover in models. But in peoples' minds, a Pontiac version of a Chevy was worlds different, and a Buick guy would never consider an Oldsmobile.

So, back in the heydays of skating, a lot of choice probably made a difference. People wanted more choice. People wanted to not be the same as everyone else.

I always found the Riedell selection of boots off putting. Dizzying and annoying. Too much freaking choice. And then many boots were built on different lasts, and folks were supposed to remember which was which.

I got such a headache I bought a Bont instead.

So, the 595 is still a "production" boot. And the worst boot ever, the 265. Go figure.
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