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Originally Posted by fierocious1 View Post
I don't have to make any adjustments to pivot pin with changes in the angle of a DA45 truck. The height or thickness between the plate and truck, if it is changed, also changes pivot angle( what mechanically changes the reaction). Cushions are just that, dampeners, they make you comfortable when all is well. Steering is controlled by pivot angle or caster, cushions allow the reaction to be controlled to the skaters preference. Simple if a person can separate caster from dampening. On steeper kp angles you only have cushions to adjust and some have pivot height, that's it.

Arius, totally different, cushions are everything on those, pivot angle is fixed and cannot be manipulated.
Arius plates matter not what cushion is in them. It has no influence in the turn vs lean of the plate.

What changes the turn rate for lean is how precise the hinge is. With worn parts it doesnt turn as fast because of slop. With everything new and even more so with modified parts it will turn more for a given plate lean.

Anywhoo back to your plate.

The pivot just supports the truck, it doesnt change the steering.

If you were able to only adjust the pivot angle without the need to shim the plate side cushion to adjust the height up/down and it resulted in change to steering, I'd be far more inclined to believe that your "caster" adjustment is solely what is making the difference.

The way the cushions interact with the trucks yoke matters alot in how the truck itself behaves. When you adjust the height of the cushion you cant help but change the way pressure develops on the cushions. This is what changes the steering feedback.
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