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Default Semantics? Really?


You couldn't read well enough to see "plate side cushion" where I refer to the cushion that sits against the baseplate? Ya know, so ther is not confusion between top/bottom cushion...You're kidding right?

I know you've seen the terminology around here before. The yoke of the truck is where the cushion sits. Much like a wagon which you hook horses up to has a yoke that the horse goes in.

You dont know or could not deduce that ivor was pivot? Lmao are you serious? Hahahaha my phone has a screen protector that doesnt always read the P and A key when I press it.

Adding or removing shims/washers to adjust non adjustable pivot pins and shimming the pivot cup is not what's being discussed here.

It's already presumed that fierocious1 knows how to correctly adjust the pivot pins on his plate. I guess you didnt know he has adjustable pivots on his skate? He isnt shimming for fixing the position of the pivot pin so it sits in the cup correctly. He is shimming to change the steering input/output of the plate. He believes it's the changes in the angle of the pivot pin in relation to the kingpin and plate that causes the difference. It's more to do with the cushion stack and how that trucks yoke sits on those cushions.

As you elevate or decrease the height of the cushion it changes the way the truck yoke sits in relation to the kingpin. This is part of what makes it steer more or less. You essentially change the angle the truck yoke is sitting on. Decreasing the height from where it would sit flat starts to move the yoke to less of a degree. Increasing the height of the plate side cushions from where everything sits flat will make the plate behave like it has more kingpin angle.

I can drawn some pictures if youd like, ya know with descriptions and all that since you.must have missed docs class. They're trucks btw not hangers. Lol
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