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Originally Posted by morgothaod View Post
To answer some of the questions...

I am skating for recreation and exercise. My skate wheels are all the same size. My skates are Rollerblade Spark 80. The wheels are 80 mm. Right now I'm skating on a newly paved parking lot. In the future I will skate on a bike trail (Smooth concrete). If I can find a roller skating rink that doesn't play the music so loud, I'll also skate there!
I will say it come when you start to skate for longer time on a more straight trail like the bike trail you mention. Then you will automatic - over time - adapt to the correct position since it will feel natural comfortable. On the parking lot I guess you more go around in circles and don't really get up to full speed. The parking lot is great for getting used to your skates but try to come out on the bike trail and get some continuous strides then your posture will be there in no time.
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