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1. The 167 vs 688 will both have the same raceway depths. Both their load ratings are the same on any manufacturers website. Well 167s dont exist outside of Jesa though.

Well, it's not so much just me. Virtually anyone subjecting them to hard cornering combined with harsh hockey stops or vibrations like a single foot plow, that coupled with the arius plates having the bearings sitting at different heights( axle OD discrepancys...7.94mm or on the inner bearing and 7.3 to 7.5mm on the outer bearing) really adds to the abuse.

Soon the new axles with a 22mm shoulder on the trucks I have in currently will tell if that has helped.

Imo the bearings should be fixed in the hubs, with an appropriate spacer between. I need a precise press to configure that though, which I do not have. :/ essentially need a bearing press I can clamp down and let some loctite cure so nothing moves out of alignment during that process.

I need a bearing press with a nice 7.98 to 7.99 "axle" a 15.99 mm plug press fit on one end, and a plug for the other side where I can tighten a wing nut or other nut to hold a bit of compression while it sets up. Then I can have true load sharing. If that didnt stop the wear issues, nothing would.
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