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Originally Posted by wired View Post
Two sets purchased year or so apart both failed in the same way. I quit saying good things about them.

So the solution to equipment problems is to use worse bearings?

Let's see some pictures of failed micros.

Without pix it didn't happen in the Internet!

Even though they get dirty easily, the reds wont fail by the time someone will be able to afford quality parts. However you stick qubes in some of the plastic hub bed wheels or even sole aluminum hubs which have very slight alignment issues, your roll will suffer.

Yea, as bad as that may be. They are the better bearings at that price range. I wouldn't even buy them nor recommend a bearing purchase if the user has a set which currently work. But if they had a second set of wheels (cheaper ones not scotts/zombies/shamans etc) I'd still recommend the reds. Even though I hate them for convincing the skate world that "abed rating doesnt matter" which is horse sh!t.

I'll have to dig them out of the trash. Lol. The cages failed on 2, and the raceway wore on another 2 that the cages didnt fail on. Steel caged for those, and I got some bont swiss 688 that are already quite scratchy with only 4 sessions on them. Recently changed trucks out that had a more proper axle shoulder. It should help fix the problem.

Some of the "better" 688 bearings ... I bought a new set, lightly oiled, ran them for 1 session and blackened EVERY phenolic retainer. They were wrecked. I cleaned them up real good and relived, seem ok now. I use no less than 10w30 synthetic motor oil in them anymore. Sewing machine oil or uncle Charlie's and others too, do not have enough wear protection at all. Synthetic motor oil > Overpriced bearing lube all day, every day.

I got pictures of some 688 on my FB somewhere, not failed on that but you can see the wear , wellx see the retainer caked with metal that's worn from heavy use.


Picture work? This is the bearings that had 3 sessions on them, about 10 hours of skating.

Getting the link for the others.

Here is the comparison of an inner bearing vs an outer bearing both cleaned at the same time, same lube, etc. Inner bearing gets the brunt on the old axles, will see how the new axles work. Although the jesa 688 swiss steel bearings only have 7 balls not 9....

Here's a good one.

Bottom left, cleaned and oiled, top left, never cleaned. The ones on the right, also never cleaned. Big difference in wear eh?
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