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Originally Posted by morgothaod View Post
Been skating for about 2 weeks. On YouTube, I have heard "get low" and bend your knees so you can't see your toes. When I try that though, it feels really uncomfortable and I find myself quickly in an almost upright position with my knees slightly bent and my chest slightly forward. I assume that is the wrong posture. Maybe I'm not flexible enough to stay low? Will I be more comfortable in time? I use inline skates by the way. Any advice or comments appreciated. Thanks!
At two weeks, you shouldn't be worrying about getting low. Getting very low is HARD. It allows for more efficient movement but it requires many subtle and quick adjustments to stay stable. You are not ready for that.

What you can do now is:

Bend your knees. Don't try for 90 degree bend but get lower than you are probably doing now. Straight is unstable. Extreme bend is unstable at your skill level. Find a happy medium and, over time, work to move lower.

Bias slightly forward. You can recover more easily from an error if biased forward plus it allows you to fall on your pads if you don't recover successfully. If you go back, you will fall on your unpadded backside. It will not be fun. This will also change with time and experience. You will learn to move center of balance closer and closer to centered without actually going behind. This will allow for more efficient skating and tolerance to road defects. But you are not ready for that today.
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