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Giving you a set posture like that can be good, but also bad. It "assumes" you are doing things you might not be doing.

Try this, bare foot, or in shoes. No skates involved. Stand on your left foot, the right foot a foot off the ground. Lean forward. This out of balance position will make you start to fall. As you start to fall, save yourself by putting your right foot down. Hold the position you land in and examine it. Your left leg should be straight, your left foot still on the floor. Your right foot is in front, and your knee is bent.

In actual skating, it is a little modified. The left foot is down, but you lean forward and to your right, so you can push off the left foot. The thing is, you don't have to STAY low. Normally, a skater is up and down.

So, you have stepped forward and to the right with your right foot. Then you bring your left foot to join the right and roll. Now you are in an UP position. Legs probably partially bent, but not low. As you now use your left foot to step forward and to your left, you again dip down. So it is up and down. Staying low is technically not correct. There will be some oscillation, down, up, down, up. Something more useful would probably be to say, don't lock out your knees full up. Have a little bend, and, obviously MORE bend as you stride.
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