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Hi Chilli Jam,

It doesn't get any better when you get past 70 !!

I would suggest you get some Hip and Tail Bone Padding going too. I've been wearing them, along with Elbo and Knee Pads for the last 40+ years - Only reason I can still Skate. At 6'9" and 220 lbs on my Skates, any falls I take are at risk for some kind of damage - and I tend to crash every other session out of a spin, jump, or some foot-work sequence. Coordination is not my strong suit, and as I age up, that isn't getting any better either.

Protect Yourself !

I've seen many a Skater not return from damage to Knee, Tail Bone, and Hip Injuries.

Skate Safe !

297's on Centurys, 220's on Snyder Advantage, BackSpin 95's, Bones 97's, 98's, 101A's, Skating 65+yrs & still Rollin at 73+. Great Lifetime Hobby to have !
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