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Default Falling hurts more than it used to... ouch!

Hi everyone, just sharing. I am supposed to suck it up after falling while skating, usually I do. Wrist-guards and knee pads help. I'm attending skate lessons to improve my general technique. During last week's skate lesson, I fell while attempting to turn 180 sharply in a small curve, with both skates together (parallel), some sort of Artistic move, me thinks. The instructor said I didn't have my weight far enough back on my heels and this is why my skates didn't turn properly with the rest of my body. Okay, advice taken on board, but I fell onto the leg bone joint in my left hip socket. Usually I fall on my softer fatty part, but not this time. Although it really hurt, the pain went down to my knee, I kept skating for the rest of the lesson. All is okay, I can walk the dog just fine, but sleeping on my side at night, the bone still really lets me know I hurt it. I worry that I am not recovering as quickly as I used to, 56 now, and what if I really damage something... I love skating! Probably will have to ask the coach to go easy on me this week
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