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I get the instinct to not over think it, I've literally never thought about it before this week. I've been skating since I was 6 and once I cracked, step and glide, I've always just done it from basic muscle memory. It was the same when I switched to inlines in the 90s and whenever I've had the chance to skate on ice. Looking at my wheels, it's clear I'm definitely skating too much on the inside edges, which is more common with step and glide due to the V formation.

I've been practicing some push and glide exercises and already I think I'm feeling a difference in the amount of glide I get in exchange for effort. For outdoor skating, push and glide seems more efficient as I feel like bumps/pebbles/cracks/etc don't slow me down in the same way. I don't especially want to speed skate but I do want to complete long distances. I have a goal of being easily able to complete 25-30k by the end of the summer. And I'd like to work towards doing a marathon (ideally Berlin) in the next few years. I don't think that will be possible if I'm relying on step and glide. I have a 15k route mapped out that I'm hoping will be more doable with push and glide. I was hoping to do it tomorrow but may have to leave until later in the week as the forecast is for rain.
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