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Default Push and Glide vs Step and Glide

I've always skated in the same way. I make a V shape, step out and glide. I do this on quads at the rink and I do it on my inlines out doors. This week, when I was looking up instruction videos to help my 6 year old learn to not keep his legs so wide, I came across a number of videos about inline skating and have learned that my own skating technique is wrong. At least I think it's wrong on inlines and could be ok for quad/rink skating?

Instruction videos on quads seem to show the step and glide skate that I've always done. Whereas any inline videos that are more than extremely basic show pushing from the back foot, inside edge and gliding out at an angle on the outside edge. Yet any videos or articles on the difference between quad and inline skating are all about balance and speed rather than the different technique.

I'm finding my mind a bit blown by it and I'm not sure if all my skating has been wrong or just the inline skating. I've been trying to inline skate for longer distances and plateauing at 10k so this has probably been a result of the poor technique. I've started going out and just practising the push technique and I do think there is a difference but I keep finding myself reverting to how I've always done it. I also tried to push and glide at the rink and that definitely felt wrong. But I don't know if that's just in my head or not. I've been watching people skate IRL and online to try and determine which technique they use on which skates and I do think it's different on each kind.

I love both kinds of skating fairly equally and I want to do my best on each. I now know I've been working off a poor foundation on inlines and need to go back to nearly square one and relearn what I thought I knew. Should I be doing the same on quads or is it different? Are there any particularly good articles or videos that take an indepth comparison of the two types of skating. In real life I don't know anyone who skates on both types of skates, never mind skates well on both. (I actually don't know any inline skaters at all.)
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