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Originally Posted by nickajshelden View Post
Here is a plate mounted without the quad bit:

and here is both skates assembled:

I took the skates out for a spin friday evening for a few miles. not bad, but definately harder than using an inline on the roads here. Saturday I used these skates for part of the session at one of the rinks. Worked quite well. I think mission success.
As far as sharing the model, I'd be glad to, but I'd like to share it upon request just so I know where it is going, so, if you have trinity boots and want to mount quads, let me know.
You may have to make your own plates. I built my plates to use Powerslide inline speed boots.[IMG]Total setup. R2 Powerslide inline boot mounted on a quad plate with 195mm mounting points. Overlength cones, DA45 flips overlength kingpins. White Shaman wheels. It takes a mill and a lot of setup time. I have one mill permanently set up with fixtures so can I experiment a bit. As you know the mounting bolts can get in the way of your truck and kingpin locations. by fierocious1, on Flickr[/IMG]
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