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Skatersí remorse, eh? Youíre not a dumbass. I did the same thing twice last week. It has been raining on and off for the last two weeks, which is an eternity for us weather wimps here in So Cal. I like skating, and I just donít do well without exercise and some pleasure. Sleep better, better motivation, better appetite, better attitude, less arguing with my wife, all of those things. I havenít done any mud skating tho. That would be a mess. The problems with rain in my area are wet clothes, especially wet socks, OMG I hate wet socks, along with the increased chill from skating in wet clothes. The other problem is the twigs, leaves and branches that gets washed out of the trees and onto the skate course.

You could reduce the clean-up time by greasing your bearings. Grease is a good barrier to water. So at least you wouldnít need to clean and lube them after a wet run. I smear a little grease on the outside of the bearing seals, too. It is an extra barrier to water (and dirt).
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