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I skate in the rain a lot (lovely PNW). Keep your feet under you--short strokes. keep your feet on the ground--double push, just kinda push from the hips. These two tactics maximize your grip. t-stops are safer than hockey stops in rain, though feel free to do slides. wet lubricants and ceramic bearings are best for rain. pick out boots with good breathability...your feet WILL get wet, what matters is how fast they dry. big wheels are nice for clearance, but in the rain 4 is better than 3. Whatever skates you use will get dirty. just find a cheap pair to use in the rain if that bothers you. Mud doesn't really affect performance. The first 15 minutes of rain after a dry spell are the worst...avoid that at all costs. After that, water is water. it hardly affects you more than in your head.
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