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So the 3rd prototype finished printing and I took it to the rink and thoroughly abused it for the entire session. It held up with almost no signs of wear.
Here is it mounted:

I found one slight issue that may not have any easy solution and I might just let nature take care of it...

with the amount of lean out of a stiff boot like this, the wheels are digging into the plate, both the original plate and the one I made. I might just let that happen. It didn't make a difference to skating and the wear will naturally shape the plastic in a way that is difficult to print. I rounded out the edges a bit and made a right foot so I will take the following design as my model 1.0 to the printer during lunch. It will probably take 12 hours to print, so next update on friday. (also, probably will only print the right, as it is mostly cosmetic changes, the left that I used last night worked just fine.)
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