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while I had rolled down the hallway on the first prototype, I did not try to actually skate on it. Well, here is the second prototype, and it worked quite well. (more text below pictures).

Note the screws on the back are still a little loose as the plate is too thin for the screws I had on hand.[/IMG]

I put the regular hockey skate on and took them for a spin. It actually handled really well. Very responsive, quite comfortable. A little on the tall side for a quad skate, but not a problem. The toe stop wasn't as bad as I initially thought. My foot height is actually lower in this than the hockey skate (by maybe 5 mm, not much).
Unsurprisingly this did not last long. After a jump into a hockey stop on a rough surface, I started hearing a bit of crackle. It was still attached and I skated the quarter mile back to my office with no trouble where I managed to rip off the wheels. this is still a prototype and I printed it with cheaper plastic with a hollow fill. I had not initially even planned on skating on this one, but it turned out so well.

I have strengthened the areas that failed last time and am now printing a solid prototype using the kevlar plastic (4x as expensive, but still only $20).
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