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Yo! Go for the Juice! It was such an absolutely incredible skate. No break-in time, super comfy, plates already mounted and perfect, no stupid toe stopper (just a jam plug). Such a good skate, good quality. They come with a varsity wheel. Wheels are always the easiest thing to replace. I liked my Varsity Plus on the Juice. Not too soft, not too hard, fairly durable, nice width, can do all sorts of tricks.

What type of skating do you like to do?
Sell your old skates on EBAY.

One more piece of advice. When I wanted to know what size to get of the Riedell Juice, I just skated in some rentals at the rink. Those old brown suede rentals are the same size as the juice. I mean size/standard. I was skating on a size 7 mens rental, but bought a size 8 Juice. I had to return them and get the Juice size 7. So the size of the Juice matches closely with the rental skates.

Let us know what happens.
Good Luck
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