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Default Build your own or buy skates?

Hi everyone, I am in the middle of a buying decision. I have been recreational skating off and on for over 20 years. I recently have taken my skating a lot more seriously, and purchased a beginner pair of Sure Grip skates. (Not leather uppers) Sz 11.

I had an opportunity to purchase a pair of AntiK MG2's Size 12, but soon found that the boot was too big so I took off the plates off the Antiks and put them on my Sure Grips boot. I have a functional pair of skates, but but I really would like a leather boot. Size 11.

I have been reviewing the sites and found that I really like the Ridell's 120's Juice skates.

Should I disregard the my old Antik plates and varsity wheels and just buy the boot or should I just buy the new pair of skates?

Pricing remains about the same... What would you do? I only indoor skate..
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