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Default No thanks.........

Look how high up the Carbon is around the side of the foot where your ankle bones are. When your leg leans and your foot stays flat I see pain, pain and more pain.
All they have done by the looks of it is cut down an Ice Speed Skate Boot that has carbon over the ankles to stop the leg from leaning over the ankle.
We all know Ice Boots are designed to lock the ankle straight so your foot leans over when your leg does. This does not work with Quads. Well not my type of quads. Figures is a little different.

They might be okay for some skaters but I'm guessing not for me.

I'm happy to try a set if they are free.

The final finish looks very nice but I'm not sold on them.

Considering Bont will make customs designs like this for individuals why would you risk wasting your money on these unless these are dirt dirt cheap.
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