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Originally Posted by larryoracing View Post
Same skates, but I did change out the wheels from the Bones 103A to the stickier Bones 101A. On this particular day my legs were weak and not much strength. I rolled slowly from one end of the rink to the other with one push. I did not feel I was going to make it to the other end. But the bearings just rolled and rolled and rolled, ever so slowly until I got to the other end of the floor. Remember I am now using slower and stickier wheels so I should not make it to the other end of floor with just one push.

With the regular bearings they seems to roll like crazy, fast, but slowly slowed down and stopped.


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just going by durometer ignores other critical factors, such as urethane condition, hub alignment and overall how round the wheels are.

Also just because you have 99, 101, or 103, does not mean that they actually hit their advertised rating either. One must compare the bearings as the only change, also are you sure the old bearings are as "good" in tolerances and cleanliness as the new ones? all these things matter.
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