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Default 3x or 4x frame

I have been an ice skater for many years and switched to inline last year.

I now have a pair of long wheelbase 3x125 marathon style skates which were an upgrade from my "fitness" short wheelbase 3x125.

Outdoors, I will always default to my marathon skates but I'm finding that the 125 wheels are a struggle on small indoor skating surfaces (converted badminton courts). As a result, I'm planning to go to either a 100 or 110 size wheel but I'm struggling with frame type...

I like speed and, although I don't own dedicated speed skates, I'd like to optimise my fitness skates for a fast, indoor experience so do I...

1) Go for an agile 3x110 (or 3x100)
2) Opt for more of a longer racing 4x110 frame?

I'm quite tall and find that most of my time indoors is spent doing quick cross-overs so the shorter frame seems ideal; however, I'm still trying to assess the benefit of a longer 4x110 setup.

Anyone got any advice or pointers?


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