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Default Going nuts shopping for new skates - Advice request on Riedell range

I have taken up quad skating again in the last 6 months, after a 20 odd year gap, mainly in thank to my 3 young children. I am really enjoying it with a passion, and decided to get my own skates.

I started with some entry level Crazy Art skates, and destroyed them in a month. After I went back to where I bought them, I was informed that they were very much for a casual skater, and they were not suited to the punishing I was delivering to them (let's ignore the fact that this wasn't advertised about these skates....)

After multiple consultations on the phone and with other skaters, it would appear anything in the cheap range is going to be destroyed by me in a short period of time. I'm not heavy, being 76kgs (167 pounds) at 6'1", but I am a strong skater, and these skates are taking a pounding, alternating between art jumps, spins etc, to pushing them as fast as the wheels will allow.

I have had Riedell's recommended to me, in particular the Riedell 120 Award boot, but I am very confused on the width sizing. I am fairly confident I have measured everything correctly, and done a bunch of research off their page, and the distributors page, but any feedback I could get on the accuracy of their sizing charts would be great. I am very confident on the length of the boot, but I am wary of getting the width wrong, and how much impact that will have.

I realise the ideal thing to do, is to go and try them on, but unfortunately there are really limited supplies on Riedell boots in Australia, and I just can't try them on anywhere over here. I can order them in, but the cost is horrendous. It is actually cheaper for me to buy and ship them from the US, including the hit from the exchange rate difference!

Any advice would be great.

6'1" Male

Mainly artistic, as well as general rink skating. A fair bit of jumping. Skating at least twice a week for 3 hour sessions.

All indoor skating on a concrete rink.

Price is becoming less of an issue over quality.
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