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Originally Posted by everest View Post
For the freestyle skate, I own Roces Equinox and Power Slide Hardcore EVO 2.0.
Wow, those 2 are some nice looking blades. for freestyle and mass concerned, should focus on full hardboot instead of semi-soft.

have u considered something like this?

this is the flying eagle falcon f6. bill stoppard of pintoponyproduction has the green one, you can see him skating on youtube.
ah let me find it.

you can notice it has a strong frame for the wheels. you'd need that for urban / general roads and also since you mentioned the weight support.

that powerslide ultron you mentioned looks nice. and since you're talking about sebas, theyre usually very well built and for slalom, hard to go wrong on them but a friend did tell me before, who was of considerable weight that sebas were very uncomfortable, he then showed me pictures of his feet after wearing them. sebas could improve that by now, idk.

also something for your treat, i saw this video not long ago: its a good review and something for you to consider.

have you never considered k2 skates ? cuz k2's have the most comfortable liners and comfort is everything.

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