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Default SEBA VS PowerSlide, how do they fit to the feet?

Hello, everyone,

I am new to this forum. I just been accepted as new member bu the system manager.

I am not trying to make a debate or argument by writing this title. I just want to know which skate to invest. For the freestyle skate, I own Roces Equinox and Power Slide Hardcore EVO 2.0. Roces fits true to size but the one I had was clearance and it is slightly too tight on my feet even after 2 times of baking, so I purchased the Hardcore EVO 2.0 to replace it and also try new skate.

Now I see some websites are doing previous years' model clearance on SEBA skate, so I am thinking to try that brand. I heard SEBA always fit tight and narrow, yet SEBA and PowerSlide both use European size, so I am kind of not so sure whether I should buy one.

I have wide feet. My EVO 2.0 took me 2 times of baking and skated over 30 miles to finally feel okay and bearable. For my inline hockey skates, I always get the widest size, E or EE width, depends on the manufacture sizing charts.

Is it hard to break in SEBA's skates? And is it really kind of tight and narrow on the feet? SEBA uses 3 types sizing charts for different models, making me not very sure which one to buy...... Some reviews also says SEBA FR series fits wider on the toe area, but how wide is it?

I am looking at 2015 PowerSlide Ultron compare to 2015 SEBA High Light or 2015 SEBA High. I do not know which one to invest and I do not know how much in difference between these 2 brands when talking about performance and middle range free skating. (My body mass is quite big, so I have hard time to play slalom.)

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