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Default Also my SideSurfer Buddy SideSwipe

Hi Jotson,

Originally Posted by jotson View Post
Looks like a well refined operation. Wonder what the export fees are like from Argentina. They plan on investor return within a couple years, so I'm guessing they must be close to or in production now.

Or do I wait for Sidewinder go into production on his Ultimate V? Looks like he is tooling up nicely...

Or maybe a Crazy clone.
Well Sideswipe in the Boston area (lives near Haverhill, MA) also has a fully machined product that is unique and under patent. It has been reviewed personally by many. I know he has been at this awhile and has sold independently mostly to Derby skaters. Both the 5 and the 45. I am reluctant to write too much of what I know about this plate since I know too much of it's history. YET it is a great plate with higher quality materials and he has once again created another mechanical manufacturing company to manufacture it in the USA, not China. I will have to ask him how much I can say, yet for some reason when we skate we just go about skating and having fun. He did tell me he is working on some web pages.

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