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Originally Posted by Ryoskatekov View Post
Very Interesting build, and just as a Advice, If you EVER come across a situation where you carry a back pack of about half your weight, and have to go skate through the streets.... Its best to avoid that..

Few days ago, I tried it on a Rollerblade boots, 3X100mm inlines(the frame is pretty long too..) with about 25+kg backpack to go to school since my bike broke..... At first I thought I will be allright since I've done Miles of Up & down hill at high speeds without backpack.... But I was wrong.. I almost killed myself on the street, every second I felt like I was either going to trip on the smallest crack or fall backwards or not be able to stop and be ran over by a car...

I'm not arguing about anything of your build by the way.... just speaking from experience things NOT to attempt with urban skates haha....

Good luck on the urban quads!
Thanks, you reminded me to post more PICs (going backwards in time):
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