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Originally Posted by maltoch View Post
zombie blue hub yellow urethane

i think the advantage of a krypto cruise design is that the hub is really sideset ...half the wheel...on the other half only have urethane....then when you push on your legs they are firm at first and then the other half can deform more and your can ear this famous scratch sound of urethane agaisnt the floor.
but surely because of my heavyweight....i had always bad performences with 78a wheels....

no i didnt reduced the urethane on my zombie....but i felt after 2 sessions....that they are big ok...but not my old krypto retro k....
the new route 83a are faster in downhill..

remember that this route 83a has nothing to compare to the others krypto....

back in the past...i used 2 sets of retro k krypto....never seen this set on the net....really unknown in the world....they were white with green retro k wrote on the design but harder in 82a.
bravo which is an italian firm...produced krypto wheels for french market and these wheels were sold 10 years ago in sports shop chain...maybe for skateboard....

i always thought like you....that would be really good to find a little bit bigger ... a little bit harder and whith a zombie design hub....something like a cruise in 72 mm 83a and with a zombie hub....unfortunely....this wheel never borned...
but if they produced a new route 76mm 83a..i will surely order them...but now....i will order new set of this one in 70mm.

try them....if i say you they are better than vr 70....
Comparing wheels of various diameter and durometer #s is not so useful if their contact patch widths are not similar.

When rolling outdoors, variations in contact patch widths from wheel to wheel have a BIG impact on their performance comparisons, based also on the skaters' weights and the wheels' duromoter #s

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