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Originally Posted by maltoch View Post
i tested past 2 years
rd twister aka rollerskate k2 65 and 70 78a Shr
krypto cruise 65 78a
krypto route 70 78a
zombie hawgs 76 82a
krypto hawaii k 69 78a
radar flyer 65 78a

armadillo....if you want i can exchange wheels with you...i didn t tested the velocity race ...they could interest me...we could do a deal with my collection of wheels.

but the rd twisters ...i m not intrested....
The RD Twister 65mm & 70mm wheels came from the same factory as the Velocity Race wheels, and performance wise they are both very similar, with a slight durability advantage going to the V-Rs. So, it is doubtful that the V-R wheels will impress you if the Twisters did not.

I have the 76mm Z-Hawgs in 84A and 86A already. I was not aware of there ever being a 76mm Z-Hawg in the 82A firmness? What color are they?
Have you narrowed your Z-Hawg wheels to the mid-30s mm width yet? What about narrowing for any of your other wheels?
I don't skate any outdoor wheels less than ~70mm any more, since the quality of the surfaces I roll is too rough for the smaller sizes, and even the 70mm size ones are reserved for racing and max speed training only for their lower weight.

My next new wheels will likely be the 80mm 80A Kegel from Orangatang.
All the Kryptonic wheeks I have seen have crappy hub designs, which compromises having best roll and makes them to heavy for me.

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