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Default Duro is a funny thing outdoors. Spending needlessly is not.

I have to sets of new outdoor wheels. I'm 210lbs and 6'2" and have skated quads and Ice since the early seventies. First set I bought was Mini Zombie Hawgs in 82a. You don't have to take that inner 2mm off on the lathe like "Mr. Outdoor" has said if used on a Powerdyne. When I put the 70mm Mini Zombies on I was biting the boot just getting to the door..I did need to increase my deck height with the use of a downhill longboard cushion (Venom) as I was getting boot bite indoors on my Royal Assassins. I went with the Venom orange 81a standards boot side and purple Sure-Grip cone lowers. I liked these way better than the Powerdyne Urethane (was running 89a purple upper and 85a yellow lowers with the PD's, the duro numbers on the Magic cushions are way way off! The first ride on these Hawgs was surprisingly rough and little pebbles where not just smoothly rolled over, they were getting flung. I was surprised at the speed though but didn't feel like I could corner sharp as these longboard wheels which was surprising again as they come out of the package with ground urethane that feels rather grippy in the hand but these are meant to bust loose for boarders for 90 deg slides. Lesson learned. I started hunting for outdoor set number 2. The local rink was selling Atom Road Hogs at a really cheap price of $85 Canadian which is like 62 bucks 'Merican.. Thought what the hell and took a set home. Out of the package the urethane felt very slick, but I dropped one and the damn thing is like a super ball and bounced all over my basement shop. Grabbed one of the Hawgs and dropped it from the same height and it bounced about half the height twice.. hmmm. interesting. Went for the same rip around the block that I initially took on the Hawgs and I was pleasantly surprised. The reviews that the Road Hogs 78a have as being a fast wheel were not BS. These things ripped. Vibration was way lower than the Hawgs and at 66mm were not giving anything up in roll. To the contrary they rolled better as the 'thane was softer allowing for less bounce and more rip. Weight is less of an issue as well. The only thing I can say that is better on the skateboard wheels was the bearing selection. I bought them with LandYacht "Bear Space Balls" (factory grease pack) which have built in spacers and could lock down the axel nuts. Because of the wider spacing though one better reverse the nuts or there is no ny-lok bite into the threads. The bearings I ran in the Road Hogs where cheap Kwik Zenith packed with DuPont Krytox GPL grease. In all honesty I wish I would have just bought the Atoms to begin and saved the hundred and sixty (yeah ***** expensive to us Canucks) spent on the Mini Zombie Hawgs and bearings. I could have used that for some kick ass something or others. Oh and you should send me a PM as I would like to discuss the issues with the 688's in your RA's.
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