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Mort, what plates and how stiff do you set your suspension? With Helium wheels it must be responsive and allow wheels to always stay down flat on rolling surface all the way across the wheel. No rolling the edges with them, because that over crushes the super thin urethane layer and kills the rebound. This applies to all very large hub (49mm) wheels with thin (<10mm) urethane layers.

Also, beware of going too firm outdoors because you will shred the urethane up in no time, especially on concrete. If wheel firmness is high enough that you feel the vibrations at a foot annoying level, then you are bleeding your rolling momentum energy away from too much vertical wheel oscillation amplitude, and a softer high rebound duro will potentially & typically give you more speed with less vertical oscillation.

What axle size will you use? I suggest 8mm and stainless bearings with SiN ceramic balls for no worry with water. You can get a set for under ~$100 if you shop well.

What is your foot size? I have an extra set of Twister 70mm wheels I could let you test, and if you like them, maybe even a virgin set Velocity Race ones I could sell you too. They both have steel bearing sleeves for the 8mm axle size too. Unfortunately, they are the 19mm OD bearing size (available for 7mm axles too).

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