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"I noticed my Roll-Line Energy plate toe stop is offset to the outside edge. The toe stop is actually threaded at an angle (toward outside edge) into the plate. Interesting."

Yes, you are correct, sharp of you to notice! I met to say inside edge.
Very few shops know (us anyway) that RL's toe stops have a left and right side, Sinistra & destra.

But I was not sure why they did that and did not ask with a follow up question. However, after you pointed out my error I think I know why, it all makes sense now.

I think(?) this was done because the plate WILL BE mounted off centered that 3mm to outside and the toe stop hole is drilled offset 3mm to the inside and puts the toe stop back on the midline. What do you think? When I look at my skate it looks like the two cancel each other out perfectly.

However, I noted my outdoor skates with Avanti plates do not have the toe stops holes drilled offset. I don't know why, maybe because it is not know well or used much as an artistic plate? Maybe it's important to have the toe stops on the midline for jumps, etc. Seems logical, but I don't know for sure. Artistic skating is next to dead here in the US But in Italy it's HUGE!

By the way the person I talked to was not a US rep. I emailed RL's main offices in Italy and was put in contact with RL's marketing manager. They will just forward your question to the best person qualified to answer it. I have always received awesome customer service, they are very professional.

I don't think the engineers know much about skating, they know how to manufacture stuff, that is what they do. The knowledge is mostly with the marketing manager whose job it is to supply what works and what the market wants based on feedback and research.

I would have just pasted the email, but for whatever reason they mark the email as confidential and ask you not to forward or post it.
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