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Hi Larry,

I say go for it. I know I will once my weight drops another 100 lbs (and I am on my way thanks to my wife making me work out). Danger is in LIFE! Drive and it is dangerous, cross a street and it is dangerous. There is a chance you could choke on a piece of steak or swallow water wrong. But maybe those that don't want you to risk think you will come back when you grow younger and you won't miss the fun and excitement and fulfillment of doing what you enjoy. You need to decide if you will run your life or others will control your fun... Choice is yours.

I know that my best OB spins were when I stepped to my right leg and did a fast transition to the OB edge. I spin CCW and for an OB it is on the right leg. I can still feel the position in my head. The best spins were with control was with my right arm (same as my employed leg). The right arm and shoulder and side and leg acted as one member to control my positioning and center my spin. When you get it right it just feels perfect.

Funny but the first time I did my absolute best OB spin was by accident. I just landed a double mapes and I did a bad check and was falling out of it. I knew I would fall so I decided to not fight it but instead use the jump rotation to keep me up. I locked my right arm and shoulder and put a lot of control on my right arm and held my edge. In shock I realized I was in an OB upright and it was tight and centered. The feel was perfect. I immediately started practicing the OB spin to keep that memory and tried over and over to mimic the feel and soon achieved it consistently. What a great freaking spin.

So for me it was control on the right arm and right side and a proper edge/lean.

I wish I had a vid of it. One day I will...
Jim (The Ancient One)
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