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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
Got a before/after shot of the mounting holes or plate alignments? Sounds like it was ridiculously inside.

There's probably lots of mounts out there that could stand an 1/8th inch correction. Many times people only look at the soles of the boots, and not how the actual boot is attached to said some. Which can cause improper centering, or offsets.

Inlines now have it easy usually. Fully adjustable frames and all that. Quads, lol not so much. While they can be set up for slotting in a boot, it isn't always a good practice as things could slide much easier, or at least it seems like that.
It was WAY off (to inside of mid), but what I find VERY interesting is that I just adapted to it. Which is why I find it really hard to believe deciding to not "offset" your skates is the end of the world that some make it out to be. Like a short forward (or fill in the blank with your mod!) you lose something and you gain something else. It's part science, part art. I think skaters could do far worse with cushions that are very soft or very hard. But many people adapt and are able to enjoy the benefits of a different configuration. Some I'm like, "OMG, how can you skate with that!" But that's how it works.

So let the proclamations of what is right, wrong, and proper come as they may. I adamantly believe that the 2 or 3 mm off-set to the outside OR not is well within artistic choice, there are pros and cons to both, that IS the nature of skating. Whether or not one prefers it, dislikes it or can't tell the difference will always be left to the individual skater. What is proper or outright wrong I guess will be decided my the skating community, manufactures, skate shops, etc. Obviously there is not a clear consensus.

All I know for sure at this point is that both configurations are widely used whether people are aware of it or not. It takes very little research to verify that last statement. I believe the two setups still falls safely in the realm of artistic choice, even if most people never know which one they received.
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