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I do a lot of dance/shuffle and Rex skating outdoors. Im relatively new to quad skating. Been skating for about 4 years now. I have tried several wheels and my two favorites are the krypto impulse wheels and bones day of the dead 82mm.

I skate mostly on smooth asphalt, concrete and boardwalks/biking trails. I prefer the krypto impulse for dancing, quick turns and crossover turns/shifts. Dotd wheels are not as smooth for bumps and cracks, but equally good for spins and turns.

I'll list some others I've tried as well.
kryptonics route 62 great for crappy trails
Radar energy 62 too sticky/slow
Sure grip motion sticks like glue until you break them in. Then still sticky but good for crappy roads.
Bones Miami Beach 65 best for trails and downhill skating.

Hope this helps.
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