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I run 62mm tall and 40mm wide with a 92A durometer. My jam skating friend runs the same wheels I do, except his are a 95A durometer, and he's a great jam skater. My other friend (more of a shuffle and artistic skater) runs 62mm tall/42mm wide with a 95A durometer and is easily the best skater at the rink (with the exception being the guard that volunteers there a few days a week that's skated for 40+ years). So... I'd say that's it's a matter of your own personal preference and what the floor at your home rink is like. The floor at my rink is slicker than snot and so I have to run a softer wheel to compensate... I'm barely 135 lbs. and when I ran a 95A/96A combo, it kept putting me into the wall because they were too slick so YMMV :-)
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