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Jinx, if you do a search on this forum for the Reidell Tribute 336, you will not find one negative review, other than the one I wrote when I first started using mine. The Tribute is such a dream, and I would not go back to the 297 unless I were to have mine relined for use out of doors, which I am considering. I promise you, digging in of eyelets, and hard impact upon landing jumps will not enter your mind if you skate in this boot.

I may have mentioned how Reidell has incorporated sufficient amounts of cork to the 336. This gives the boot a rebound factor I never felt with the 297. Combined with a light weight aluminum plate such as one from Roll-line, you should notice a huge difference. Some of the aluminum plates also offer a rebound reflex.

When I weighed my current setup, to my old one, (as listed in my signature), I noticed a difference of 1 1/2 lbs. per skate.
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