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I haven't skated the new course, but a person I talked to who skated it last year said it was ok. But, this person rarely says anything negative about a course. Just looking at the course map, I don't think it's a great marathon set-up, at least for me. I like point to point style races, or courses that have some "open sections." I actually think the old course was ok, minus the pavement conditions. The new layout seems like it has too many turns and such. I hate to complain, but it just looks like it would be hard to build a lot of speed. But, I've never skated it, so I don't know. Most people would probably disagree with me, but if they were looking to shorten the length of the course (as they've done), I would rather have seen them just make the course the old 10K loop that you did several times. Yeah, you might have to skate it 24 or 25 times, but that 1-mile course had some ok pavement and it had some hills, but it was still possible to keep your speed up. Also, it would have kept it somewhat spectator friendly. But, I'm guessing this would have been difficult to control since skaters would probably lap each other and it would get difficult to know who was on what lap #. It's not a great idea, but I'm just trying to think about how to make-do with what they have to work with.
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