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Originally Posted by chuckboucher View Post
One other comment, I'm usually the guy that buys new wheels every season, but I'm going on my second season on a set of both 125mm Boom Magic (my race wheels) and Black Magic (my training wheels). The MPCs have some wear, but not really that bad. They probably have 400-500 miles on them.
Interesting. I find that Black Magics's to be pretty much middle of the road for wear. Oddly, XXFirms don't seem to wear much different that XFirm.

I put a lot of miles on my wheels. The endurance champs are the 110mm 87A Matrix IQ's. I rode those for a full year and nearly 4000 miles but they sucked for nearly all of that time. The MPC's I demoted in February don't wear *that* well. They already have in the neighbourhood of 800 miles. I don't expect to demote another set of race wheels until after Grand Forks late in August. By then my Black (actually Red) Magics would have about 2000 miles including summer heat. I don't think so.

I typically use wheels for 2-4 races before demoting them to training.

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