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I have run all three (Atom Boom Road, Atom Boom Magic, and MPC Black Magic.

I have found that the Boom Road (the cheaper ones w/ the Atom hub) are decent as training wheels. They have ok grip and roll, but not nearly as much as their big "brothers", the Boom Magic and Black Magic.

As for the other two, they're close, but I prefer the Atom Boom Magic's XXF over the MPC XXF. This is both in 125mm and 110mm sizes. I have not rolled any in the rain, so I can't comment as to wet grip. The Boom Magic seem to have slightly better roll than the MPC.

There are sellers on eBay that sell both the MPC and Boom Magic at lower pricing than MSRP.

One other comment, I'm usually the guy that buys new wheels every season, but I'm going on my second season on a set of both 125mm Boom Magic (my race wheels) and Black Magic (my training wheels). The MPCs have some wear, but not really that bad. They probably have 400-500 miles on them.
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