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Originally Posted by CHSC FLOOR GUARD View Post
Hey gang. I joined here before we had our son,now he is almost 11 and competes in artistic skating. I'm looking to upgrade him with new boots. I don't want to say money isn't an issue as he skates multiple times a week but don't want a mortgage. What is a comfortable artistic boot he can use for Freestyle? He is on a basic Riedell art boot,Roll Line Mariner Cup plates and I have a variety of wheels for him.

Is it Riedell,Edea,Risport,SpTerri, Harlick,etc?
The heels on Edeas remind me they are higher than normal. I tried them and found the balls of my feet were screaming.

Thanks all for any suggestions.
not sure which Riedell he is on, but its ok for now I would think, if not u can move up to the next one, might be able to pick it up on ebay or at an ice skating rink or supply house that sells them at a store. a lot are using the
fly boot, not sure who makes it anymore. ask around the rink and see what other skates are using these days, also at competitions.
Ciao Rick
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