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Default Experiences: Weed /Pot in the rink? Work for you?

Ok so I live in california, weed is legal, it like everywhere now. Allot of skaters I know do vape pens, fast easy buz. I was never into it, never even considered trying it with skating, that's nuts!

Then I found out at least 75% the best skaters in the rink are avid pot smokers! A few are world class! How could this be? So when my new hot skater girlfriend broke out the "Girl Scout Cookies" in a vape pen what was I to say? I tried it.

OMG! It was like my best skate night ever and people noticed so it was not my imagination. You really FEEL the music and so much of rink skating is about learning to RELAX, gentle transfer of weight, etc.

It's like my feet are on autopilot, they know what they are doing, "I" am just along for the ride! I did more than I ever did. I was afraid the weed would make me do things I should not and I would fall, but that did not happen. For me it kinda put fear in a more realistic perspective. So much of skating is about mastering fear or at least keeping it in perspective.

What are your experiences, thoughts?
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