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Originally Posted by Trixton View Post
Yeah I think it might be the skate more than the mount position. Before you loosen your trucks, go ahead and replace the cushions with something better than stock if you decide to stick with those skates. What plate and wheels do you have on them?
Powerdyne Thrust plates most likely, with Radar Cayman wheels.

Thats what comes stock anywhoo.

Sure grip super yellows, throw those in there.

Im a big believer in its the skater not the skates, just give yourself time, it'll come back.

Alot of people will tend to trash most plastic setups. Thatt plate though is prone to breaking here recently. I believe a bad batch/run was made. I had necer seen a broken thrust baseplate until 2 months ago, 2 skaters I know locally both have breaks in theirs. Neither are abusive IMO. to their gear. The breaks were betqeen the kingpin and the toestop. One between the pivot cup and the kp, and the other through the pivot cup area.
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