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We're seeing small growth here in our area. Of course, we recognize our our years of contributions and influence on this growth - we run a skate school and shop, and encourage all skating sports, and offer events for skaters, all of which help to support interest and growth.

And, there are pockets of growth in other areas of the USA as well. Though, in some areas, where on would expect growth, we see decline, reflected by event #'s still dwindling... not sure if that is reflecting cost-prohibitive travel & expense on part of skaters. One does tend to see the same die-hard skaters at these events, we're all owing old together on skates, with little new (younger crowd) faces emerging into the sport. There are some folks that all they do is train, train, train yet never partake in events, to which I shake my head... not sure then what all the training is about. Skating is not dead, it's alive and well, and let's work to make that hold true everywhere!!

Seeing juniors as part of Youth Olympic Game, gives hope that that demographic of skaters will make it to these events, and showcase skating in the process. The youth oly games is huge opportunity to exploit speedskating sports.
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