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Originally Posted by Oicusk82huh View Post
Does anyone have experience with both of these plates? The Mistral is my favorite plate. It's so twisty and so stable.

Is the Giotto the same amount of twisty and stable? I know it doesn't have a toe stop.

I have the Matrix steel and it is great fun for spinning, but not as twisty as the Mistral. Mistral feels like carving through silk. I have more fun on the Mistral. Just curious if the Giotto is similar, or how it differs. Thanks in advance.
Understand Roll-Line is playing the name game here, it's BS, met to sell plates by brand instead of specifications. This is why they always leave out the most important information. Like Kingpin angle! I have written (emailed) Role-Line, they will not tell you, they don't want the information published because you will compare specifications of other brands. Of course this is just insane because they are leaving out the most important fact of all!

All double action plates will feel almost identical (weight aside) if they have the same king-ping angle and and cushions; there are differences but they are extremely minor! It is very likely the Giotto and the Mistral have different angles. My guess is the Mistral feels "twisty" because it has a larger
Kingpin angle (but don't know). MANY of the Roll-line models are the same, except for weight and toe stops. I think(?) the Mistral is 15 degrees(?), same as the energy series. Again, it's all a BS name game to keep you from comparing competitor plates.

So as to your question: Try to find out what the specifications are of the two plates, otherwise the answers are all subjective nonsense. Plates are extremely low tech devices.
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